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Tamer Sahin, based in Austin, Texas, is a cybersecurity professional renowned for his contributions to ethical hacking and cybersecurity. Sahin worked on the philosophy of ethical hacking and focused on institutionalizing his professional life. He has consulted on various cybersecurity cases at both national and international levels, using his expertise as an ethical hacker to detect vulnerabilities in numerous computer systems and develop defense strategies for leading private sector organizations and public institutions.

In 1999~2003, Sahin discovered critical zero-day security vulnerabilities in some software companies’ products and published the first security vulnerability announcement on Bugtraq and other global security platforms. He enriched the field of information security by publishing more than 50 security advisories registered under his name. Collaborating with world-renowned software developers like Microsoft, HP, Redhat, and AOL, he identified vulnerabilities in their software.

In 2001, he also co-developed “Mindwall IDS,” one of the first intrusion detection software programs for the U.S. and global markets. The Mindwall Intrusion Detection Software received early-stage investments from the U.S. and was tested by institutions like JPMorgan Chase Bank, Citibank, and AT&T.

In 2011, Sahin established one of the first commercial cybersecurity threat intelligence infrastructures. This infrastructure has been used by major international companies.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Sahin mastered a comprehensive Penetration Testing project for a market-leading German company involved in the storage, distribution, and logistics of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. His efforts contributed to the safe delivery of the vaccine worldwide.

Nicole Perlroth, a New York Times journalist and advisor to the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), referred to Tamer Sahin in her bestseller “This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends” as “the first person in the world who found and sold a zero-day vulnerability.”

ConferenceSahin’s expertise and contributions have been recognized in various media outlets and educational forums. He has been giving speeches, seminars, and leading panels at universities and corporations globally like IDC, Fortinet, and IBM. He authored the book “Hackers Mind”, which made three editions and was on the bestseller list for a month. The book is archived in prestigious libraries, including the National Library of Congress Washington DC, Princeton University, Columbia University, Harvard University, Patrick Henry College, Salem College, Birmingham-Southern College, and others.

His clients include world-class companies like Philip Morris, United Biscuits, Nestlé, Hilton, Saint Gobain, Godiva, HDI Insurance, Heinemann, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe and Kässbohrer.

Enfoa Manual PTaaS Ecosystem

With the obligation to be online without excuses and as digital business channels take over the world, we wake up to a world beyond our imagination every day, even if we sleep, information systems and hackers do not take a break. We, as Enfoa, do not respond to black hat hackers with equally skilled white hat hackers. Not with automated processes and software. As Enfoa, we are even more excited to secure the possibilities provided by the Internet. Our primary goal is to keep the networks and systems that make up the digital nervous system of businesses of any size to survive in this fast-flowing data highway.

We know that achieving this goal will take work. That’s why our perspective is based on sophisticated hacker thinking rather than the tools we use. We use tools like a master sculptor as an auxiliary factor to reach our final result. We often use open-source and commercial tools and tools we have developed in our work. This ability allows us to find undiscovered zero-day vulnerabilities during some analysis. The security vulnerabilities we have discovered so far from manufacturers such as Microsoft, HP, Redhat, and AOL are just a few of the results of our efforts. More than 50 security announcements discovered by our ethical hackers bring us closer to the expertise we crave.


Of course, you need an A-Team to produce a job by these standards. At Enfoa, we provide this with the high standards we set for our ethical hackers; our ethical hackers, who have practice-based certificates obtained as a result of complex processes such as OSCP, OSWP, OSWE, eCPTXv2, CRTE, CEH Practical, PenTest+, Security+, CNSS, and whose background checks have been made, carry out their work with tightly prepared NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) agreements.

We aim to ensure that every detail we can witness stays between you and Enfoa forever. While we document our corporate information security processes with the ISO 27001 certificate, we ensure that we approach you with the same level of interest for many years by providing our quality management processes with the ISO 9001 certificate.

Technology is not 'catching the wind' but 'creating the wind.'

Our experience has shown that unresolved cybersecurity problems occur even in organizations with professionally managed and large IT staff. Enfoa’s Penetration Testing carried out after strong competitors such as reputable infosec and audit firms, has, in many cases, found vulnerabilities that the automated testing tools used by its competitors could not reveal.

As Enfoa, we are the most innovative company in the sector with a proactive and innovative approach to our Penetration Testing projects. By analyzing each network for new and unique vulnerabilities, we develop methods tailored for you. We conduct R&D activities by conducting research and developing our own tools.

Our working principle is designed to meet the needs of both your company and your network. After all, no company is the same, and no network is the same. Generic network examination tools do not account for your organization’s ever-changing security environment.

The approach based on an automated written process will make it impossible to test any potential problem effectively. Because we rely on something other than automated tools to do the job for us, we provide you with more comprehensive assessments than you would get from our competitors.


Enfoa focuses exclusively on Penetration Testing, which it knows best. It does not need to go out of the concentration area with different manufacturers’ software, hardware, product, or training sales. It benefits you by concentrating only on what it knows best. According to network resources, it checks with the methods of real hackers without harm.

It has developed the unique Enfoa methodology and platform by combining the rules brought by the regulations, known, accepted standards, and the most up-to-date methods of the hacker world. Since the same attacks made by real-life hackers are simulated in the analysis, it provides tests such as detecting security investments and bypassing them.

Enfoa does not perform Penetration Testing using open-source or commercial software with only known vulnerabilities. During the audits, test environment is provided mainly with in-house special tools, plug-ins, scripts, and methods.

Our company works like a factory of ideas with talented, ethical hackers who do their job enthusiastically, teams struggling to find critical vulnerabilities in complex networks, and their creative ideas. Our primary mission is to provide these experts with the necessary comfort to do their job, who are well-versed in the attackers thinking and techniques but act as well-equipped ethical hackers. Only then can the “Wow” factor come into play when you see our prepared reports. This ecosystem is the core of Enfoa’s continued productivity.

You can contact us anytime to participate in this proactive and fast process. We are always here to answer your questions and problems. We invite you to the Enfoa experience for Worry-Free Cybersecurity with carefully designed methods in every detail.