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Let's join forces to deal with
today's and tomorrow's threats

Enfoa works with leading consultants, managed security service providers, and solution partners to provide comprehensive security services and solutions.

With the innovative and precise solutions and services of the Enfoa platform, you will be able to exceed your customers’ expectations. Enfoa’s low cost of ownership and easy management will allow you to provide superior products and services.

Protect your business from costly and disruptive network compromises, which can occur unnoticed and cost businesses millions of dollars annually.

Even if you don’t have sensitive data on your network, it is still vulnerable enough to be attacked. The CIA/FBI survey revealed that 90% of respondents had experienced a security breach in the last 12 months. The increasing number of attacks using covert channels has shown that more than traditional perimeter defenses are required. Instead, attackers are now resorting to more sophisticated techniques.

Due to the nature of business transactions, many companies are subject to various regulations designed to protect their customers and their financial data’s privacy and confidentiality. Extranets are often used to support business processes that involve sharing data. Companies should ensure that their networks are secure enough to prevent unauthorized access and protect their data.

At Enfoa, we focus on delivering the best possible Penetration Testing platform. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible solution. Due to our accurate identification of devices, services, and operating systems, we can detect, exploit and prevent security issues immediately. Our Ethical Hackers and PTaaS infrastructure have the highest skillsets in the cybersecurity industry.

The lowest cost of ownership comes with no hidden hardware, software, or labor costs. Also, with Enfoa, users do not need to waste time investigating false positives, typically hidden costs. It can be checked repeatedly at no additional cost to see if any discovered vulnerabilities are still open.

Enfoa platform is easily usable, eliminating the need for training. Also, it saves organizations time and helps minimize security resources. We report to international standards, with screenshots and detailed solutions. You can get your report in PDF, Excel, CSV, XML, or JSON format. Ready to import another platform easily.

Our ethical hackers, with the world’s toughest certifications and advanced PTaaS technology, save you from outdated penetration testing processes. Enfoa is here to provide worry-free cybersecurity.

There are many reasons why you should partner with Enfoa. One of these is its high-quality, in-demand service that addresses increasing security concerns and regulatory compliance requirements.

Consultants can dramatically reduce security services costs by providing ongoing support and superior results.

MSSPs can offer a uniquely managed cyber security service that can be scaled and cost-effectively met. By correlating their results with other managed security services, they can dramatically reduce the time and effort needed to identify and correct security issues.

As a Partner, you can receive support and guidance from Enfoa. We will work together to identify areas of mutual interest and develop a plan to move forward. Please get in touch with us.